Bee List

Monmouth & District Bee List 2013-2016

Apart from a handful of garden bees, not many have established English names. Some of those that have are: Tawney Mining Bee (Andrena fulva); Hairy-footed Flower Bee (Anthophora plumipes); Red Mason Bee (Osmia bicornis); Buff-tailed Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris); White-tailed Bumblebee (B. lucorum); Red-Tailed Bumblebee (B. lapidarius); Common Carder Bee (B. pascuorum). Most others will not bring any name to mind, even when recognized as bees. I have listed the local species that I have found by their scientific names in alphabetical order. (Steven Falk has given English names to all British species in Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland.)

*denotes cleptoparasites, i.e. bees that enter the nests of bees of a different species, lay an egg and so steal the food store.

Andrena (Mining Bees)
A. angustior
A. apicata
A. bicolor
A. bucephala
A. chrysosceles
A. cineraria
A. congruens
A. dorsata
A. denticulata
A. flavipes
A. fulva
A. fulvago
A. haemorrhoa
A. labialis
A. labiata
A. minutula
A. nigroaenea
A. nitida
A. praecox
A. scotica
A. semilaevis
A. similis
A. subopaca
A. synadelpha
A. trimmerana
A. wilkella

Anthidium (Wool Carders)
A. manicatum

Anthophora (Flower Bees)
A. furcata
A. plumipes

Apis (Honey Bee)
A. mellifera

Bombus (Bumblebees & Cuckoo Bees)
B. campestris*
B. hortorum
B. humilis
B. hypnorum
B. lapidarius
B. lucorum
B. pascuorum
B. pratorum
B. rupestris*
B. sylvestris*
B. terrestris
B. vestalis*

Chelostoma (Small Carpenter Bees)
C. campanularum

Coelioxys (Sharp-tailed Bees)*
C. elongata
C. inermis

C. daviesanus

Eucera (Long-horned Bees)
E. longicornis

H. rubicundus
H. tumulorum

Hylaeus (White-faced Bees)
H. brevicornis
H. communis
H. hyalinatus

L. calceatum
L. fulvicorne
L. laevigatum
L. lativentre
L. leucopus
L. leucozonum
L. malachurum
L. minutissimum
L. morio
L. parvulum
L. punctatissimum
L. rufitarse
L. smeathmanellum
L. villosulum
L. zonulum

Megachile (Leaf-cutter Bees)
M. centuncularis
M. ligniseca
M. versicolor
M. willughbiella

M. leporina

Nomada (Nomad Bees)*
N. fabriciana
N. ferruginata
N. flava
N. flavoguttata
N. flavopicta
N. fucata
N. goodeniana
N. lathburiana
N. leucophthalma
N. marshamella
N. panzeri
N. ruficornis
N. sheppardana

Osmia (Mason Bees)
O. caerulescens
O. leaiana
O. bicornis

S. gibbus
S. monilicornis
S. niger

S. phaeoptera
S. punctulatissima